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Difficulty Ratings

We have 5 Categories of difficulty, we use a number of yarn ball icons on the products to display this.

1 Yarn ball - Beginner

2 Yarn balls - Easy

3 Yarn Balls - Intermediate

4 Yarn Balls - Challenging

5 Yarn Balls - Advanced

Beginner - This is a project for someone who has never tried crochet before. This project will give you a good grounding in the basics and will hopefully spark your interest into moving onto more and more designs. 

Easy - This project is for someone who maybe has made a couple of beginner pieces and is feeling brave enough to try something a little more complicated but still feels doable. 

Intermediate - This project is for someone who is feeling confident that they have the basics nailed. They want a project with a bit more construction and sewing to sharpen their sculptural skills. 

Challenging - This project will have more challenging shapes and sewing required. This project will push an intermediate maker and hopefully inspire creativity.

Advanced - This project is for the confident crocheter who can turn their hand to anything and wants inspiration.