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Tips and Tricks for Crochet Beginners

  1. Keep an eye on your tension

 It is very easy when starting out to want to pull your stitches as tight as possible. This will make your sizes inconsistent and it will be a hard to get your hook into your work. If a pattern tells you to make a tension square you have to just bite the bullet and do it. Keep those wrists nice and loose and relax your grip. You are doing great.


  1. There is no right way to hold yarn –

 Some people like to twist it round their index finger, some people hold it tight with their pinky it honestly does not matter. It is all about what is comfortable and whatever keeps you being able to crochet without hurting your hands.


  1. Make sure to count your stitches –

 You can use markers to keep track or a notebook. There are also apps you can use such a Crochet.Land etc you can download to keep track of supplies and stitches/rows. For bigger projects it is so easy to get lost and no one wants to have to unravel.  


  1. Invest in good lighting –

 It can be tempted to crochet through the night, but you need to protect your eyes. A head torch or book light can be a great way to light your projects hands free and hopefully mean you do not curse your dark coloured yarn choices as much.


  1. Find a community –

 Check out social media to look for groups you can join. You will not only find like minded people but also can ask for help if you get stuck. Youtube is going to be your best friend for learning stitches and techniques as well as finding patterns and designers.


  1. Do not rush out and buy everything you could possibly need –

 You need very little to start crocheting really just a hook, yarn, and scissors. The beautiful hook sets and yarn are tempting but if you are starting out it is better to buy enough for one project at a time and figure out what style and materials you like. You also might get part way into it and decide crochet is not for you and you don’t want to have emptied your bank account for it.


  1. Respect small business artists and pattern makers –

 Small businesses are great places to get fantastic patterns and hand dyed yarn. They work hard to bring you products so make sure you credit them if you post about patterns of theirs you have made. Do not copy others without crediting them. We want to build our community and it all starts with respect for others hard work and expertise.


  1. Be kind to yourself –

 Learning a new skill is hard and you will make mistakes. You are amazing and you will only grow. If it all feels too much just put your project down and have a break you can always unravel and start again.

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